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Cable car

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The opportunity for the cable car came about to create a connection between the city and the Karst, that can reduce travel times between the Karst plateau and the city centre and facilitate access to Trieste from the north through a rapid, green and sustainable mode of transport. Bikes can also be transported on the cable car.

The journey time from Opicina to Trieste’s city centre will be about 16 minutes and passenger capacity during peak times will be ca. 1,400 people per hour in both directions.Four stations are planned, Trieste, Porto Vecchio, Bovedo and Opicina, to offer a valid transport alternative to the use of a private vehicle.

3D modeling faithful to the project of the route and stations of the Trieste-Opicina cable car

Doriana and Massimiliano Fuksas present their project for the Trieste and Porto Vecchio stations.